CARF Accreditation

Intensive Outpatient Treatment:  Integrated:  Alcohol and Other Drugs/Mental Health (Adults)

outpatient Treatment:  Integrated:  alcohol and other drugs/mental health (adults)

“Beginning Step has assembled an exemplary group of staff members.  They are uniformly dedicated, knowledgeable, skilled, and willing to extend themselves daily to deliver the best service to the persons served.”    – CARF Surveyor                                                                            


What is accreditation?                                                                                                                                                                        

Accreditation is official recognition that our organization is guided by internationally recognized service standards and best practices.

CARF accreditation consists of ongoing consultation and in-depth on-site reviews to help our organization achieve the highest quality of care for our customers.

Accreditation demonstrates that our organization has opened its service delivery and business processes to outside scrutiny to improve the quality of our programs.

Accreditation is a public statement that our organization strives to ensure that our services are of the highest possible quality.                      


What does accreditation mean to persons served?                                                                                                                      

Accreditation demonstrates to clients that our organization is committed to reducing risk, addressing health and safety concerns, respecting cultural and individual preferences, and providing the best possible quality of care.

Accreditation demonstrates that our organization values the input of our clients and is accountable to the community.

Accreditation demonstrates that our organization has made a specific commitment to put the needs of our clients at the center of everything we do.

Accreditation indicates that our organization respects the rights and individuality of our clients.                                                                           

Areas of Strength

The Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities found that Beginning Step demonstrated the following strengths:                    

  • Beginning Step benefits from a leadership team whose members have tremendous employment longevity. The team’s commitment to the organization’s growth and excellence shines through and permeates all levels of personnel and operations. Through the leadership, the organization maintains a strong presence in the community. (2022)
  • The experienced program leadership and staff members are committed to providing comprehensive, person-centered services using relevant treatment modalities. The holistic and culturally relevant practices that are utilized effectively meet the needs of the clients and their families. (2022)
  • Leadership is very supportive of the staff members. It encourages and supports them to engage in activities that enhance the maintenance of a healthy work-life balance. The organization demonstrates a commitment to ensure that top-quality services are delivered by top-notch staff members. The organization ensures that all staff members, including direct service personnel, are provided with the varied skills they need to effectively perform their jobs. For example, clinical personnel are encouraged to continue to build their clinical skills. As skills are gained through education and work experience, the organization recognizes staff members’ achievements. (2022)
  • The high level of support that clients are provided throughout their treatment motivates them to continue to make progress toward attainment of their desired personal outcomes. (2022)
  • Via telehealth, which Beginning Step embraced at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, the organization ably pivoted to a new service model that allowed for continuity of client care. The organization continues to provide telehealth services as it further develops a hybrid structure to ensure that the health and safety of staff members and clients are vigilantly protected going forward. (2022)
  • Staff members at Beginning Step have a diversity of expertise and experience and are dedicated to the enhancement of the quality of life of clients. The staff members are recognized for being compassionate, dedicated, and knowledgeable and demonstrating the CARF philosophy in the treatment of clients and in community interactions. (2019)
  • Staff members at all levels of the organization are open and responsive to the needs and requests of the persons served and possess exceptional enthusiasm for and commitment to assisting the persons served to build a strong foundation in their lives to enhance their progress toward recovery. (2019)
  • The organization’s leadership supports and encourages the staff members to engage in activities to enhance morale and fellowship, including recognition activities and events; staff luncheons; participation in sports teams; and the creation of individualized, warm, and therapeutic office environments. (2019)
  • Representatives from funding sources express a high level of respect for the organization and view it as an asset and a valued partner with a strong commitment to the persons served by providing housing and supportive services professionally and with compassion. (2019)
  • The organization’s programs have competent, dedicated personnel that work well as a committed team to ensure that program integration and collaboration are successful to support clients’ recovery. (2019)
  • The organization’s facilities are appropriately furnished, homelike, and suited to their intended purpose. (2019)
  • The organization creates and provides opportunities for the persons served to come together and enjoy community activities. Cookouts and an annual Thanksgiving feast provide festive occasions for the persons served to enjoy food with family, friends, and personnel. (2019)
  • Clients consistently stated that they were getting the services they need, were satisfied with the services, and were being treated with dignity and respect. Clients commented that without the help and services of Beginning Step programs, they would be “dead on the street,” “in jail,” or “in serious trouble.” (2019)

special recognition


2022 – Beginning Step is 1 of 3 agencies in the Wayne County, Michigan area that is accredited for Intensive Outpatient Treatment (BH):  Integrated:  SUD/Mental Health (Adults)

2022 – Beginning Step is 1 of 33 agencies that is accredited for Outpatient Treatment (BH) :  Integrated:  SUD/Mental Health (Adults) in Wayne County