Program Outline

  • Complete assessment of biopsychosocial needs
  • Assessment, referral, and stabilization of psychiatric symptoms
  • Establish client-driven treatment plan
  • Adjustment to communal living
  • Development of a support system
  • Highly structured housing and accountability
  • Identify warning signs and triggers
  • Create a relapse prevention plan
  • Addiction and co-occurring issues educational groups
  • Assistance with reestablishing employment
  • Development of a plan for financial responsibility
  • Counseling focus on core issues



Identifying your stage of change

Beginning Step works with each client to identify their stage of change, their level of care, and help them move through the stages of treatment at their own pace.
  • Pre-contemplation
  • Contemplation
  • Preparation
  • Early Action
  • Late Action
  • Maintenance


Five Phases

Beginning Steps Holistic Aproach




To ensure a quality way of life for its residents, Beginning Step takes a holistic approach – to address the resident’s physical, personal, and psychological needs. The following areas of the Beginning Step program are designed around the needs of the whole person:


  • 1. Safe, well-maintained residential settings
    2. All utilities provided, including long-distance telephone and cable television
    3. Smoke-free environment


  • 1. Assistance exploring educational & employment opportunities
    2. Aid obtaining food and transportation
    3. Referrals for legal, health, & financial resources
  • 4. Monthly social activities


  • 1. On-site individual and group therapy
    2. Certified addiction counselors on staff for 24 hour-a-day assistance
    3. Support meetings within walking distance
    4. Random on-site drug testing

Supplemental Services

Peer Mentoring & Case Management

Advocates for clients within our own company

Understanding people that help you through your recovery

Assistance for transportation

Helps Clients with resources

Supplemental services


Intensive Outpatient & Outpatient Programs

With or Without Housing

  • Assessment of Clients Needs
    Both Psychological and Physical
    Understanding Clients Basic Needs
    Develop resources outside of Beginning Step
    Providing individual and group counseling
    Ability to Show and be a part of a stable community
    Be able to provide accountability and counseling support to aid in the recovery process


Recovery Housing

Safe in Secure

  • Continued OP Program
  • Reintegration to society
  • Build life skills
  • Teaches clients to be independent
  • Learning where to look for resources outside of Beginning Step

Recovery Housing

Levels of care and supplemental Services

Intensive Outpatient And  Outpatient Programs

With or without housing

Beginning Step has designed its Intensive Outpatient Program and a Outpatient Program to empower individuals with the opportunity to heal and begin anew.  


Peer Mentoring



Beginning Step’s Peer Recovery and Support Program provides social, emotional, knowledge, and skill development from individuals who have experienced both substance use disorders and recovery.


Case Management

Building resources


Beginning Step’s Case Management Program links clients to mainstream resources and other continuum of care network systems to break down service barriers and facilitate a sober living environment.

Recovery Housing

Safe and secure


Beginning Step’s Recovery Housing Program is designed to provide a safe, secure sober living environment for clients to continue their outpatient treatment and begin the process to obtain independent permanent housing.