Recovery Housing


It is the vision of the Beginning Step Recovery Housing Program to provide a safe, secure sober living environment for clients to continue their outpatient treatment and begin the process of reintegration into society and build life skills and other resources to obtain and maintain independent permanent housing.       

The commitment that Beginning Step has in helping individuals achieve success through individualized needs, and in understanding the barriers of an individual’s life challenges. We like to show our clients how to find the local services within a community to strengthen their lives. To ensure our clients that after they achieve and succeed in our program, we are always there when they need us most.

Elegibility Requirements

  • Completion of Residential or IOP Treatment Program
  • Enrollment in an outpatient treatment program and authorization for recovery housing services.
  • Willingness to work toward obtaining and maintaining independent permanent housing via program supports.
  • Commitment to the recovery process – to honesty, open mindedness, and willingness to participate in all aspects of the Beginning Step program.
  • Willingness to participate in program groups, activities, and peer support services.
  • Willingness to follow program rules and guidelines.
  • Completion of all forms related to the Recovery Housing program including orientation to the program.
  • Must be at least 18 years of age.
  • Minimum of 6 weeks documented sobriety.
  • Psychiatrically stable and medication compliant.
  • Medication restrictions apply. Contact program for additional information.


Examples of Resources

Legal Help

Food Assistance

Clothing Assistance

Employment Assistance

*Beginning Step will try to help you live a healthy lifestyle.

Recovery Houses

Beginning Step’s facilities are appropriately furnished, homelike, and suited to their intended purpose.

Clients are provided a Family style home with other individuals at different levels of recovery. This can help individuals to support each other through recovery.


For those clients that show great progress and can handle a higher responsibility. We here at Beginning Step ask if particular clients are able to handle the task of being the head of the homes. Becoming a Monitor has some perks like lower housing costs.  



Recovery Housing Goals

  1. Sobriety: Clients who participate in the Recovery Housing Program will have access to a recovery support system and recovery related resources.
  2. Increased Skills or Income: Clients who participate in the Recovery Housing Program will obtain financial or other resources to assist with obtaining and maintaining independent permanent housing.
  3. Greater Self-Determination: Clients who participate in the Recovery Housing Program will demonstrate