Beginning Step

This is our Five Phases that Each individual will go through while in our step programs. 


  • Complete assessment of biopsychosocial needs
  • Establish client-driven treatment plan
  • Adjustment to communal living
  • Identification to communal living
  • Development of a support system
  • Highly structured housing and  accountability


  • Complete a Relapse Prevention Plan (RPP)
  • Create a criminal RPP if applicable
  • Addiction education didactic groups
  • Assistance with re-establishing employment
  • Budgeting
  • Development of financial responsibility


  • Advanced relapse prevention and addiction education groups
  • Increased freedoms and responsibilities in housing program
  • Increased responsibility for program costs
  • Development of a plan for education and career development


  • Counseling focus on core issues
  • Increased independence
  • Options for attending advanced groups or mentoring in Phase I groups
  • Development and presentation of a personal recovery project


  • Continued counseling on core issues
  • Maintenance of sobriety